Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to ride on Quicksilver?
If you need to book your own run, it is $120, provided you are on time.
If you are tagging along on a run that someone else has booked, it is only $10.
If you are riding on a scheduled run, it is only $10.
Please see our Price List for more details.

How do I make an online reservation for Quicksilver?
Click on the reservations link above . You will be taken to a screen that shows this week’s availability. You can press the arrow to the right to see next week’s availability. Reservations can be made 2 months in advance and within 5 hours of trip.  Pick the date and time you want. Then fill out form with contact information and departure and destination. Click confirm booking. If you provided an email address, you will be emailed a confirmation.

What is a scheduled run?
A scheduled run is any run that Quicksilver lists on our calendar as “Scheduled Run”. Scheduled runs are open to the public.

Where do I find out about these runs?

Click on the Schedule link on the top of this page. Last minute updates are posted on Twitter and Facebook.

I think Quicksilver has a run but haven’t seen it on the web site. Should I call the cell phone to inquire about some insider info?
No. The schedule on our web site gets live updates. And unfortunately during busy times we may not get to the phone that quickly.

We heard about someone booking a trip. Can we tag along?
It is possible with the charter client’s consent. Please see our price list for more info.

I want to book a run but don’t know when I will be there. What should I do?
Book the run for when you think you will be there. Then call us to adjust. Please be reasonable and consider the captain’s time. If the captain on duty is waiting on the boat for more than 15 minutes, we have the right to bill you for wait time.

Do you allow dogs?
Yes. Please keep dogs off seats and under your control. Please be respectful of other passengers and the boat.

I want to book Quicksilver to take me to Islesboro. Does it matter how many people are in my party?
There is a maximum of 24 people on Quicksilver. If there are more than 24 passengers, you will need to tell your captain, and we will try to make arrangements to book a sister ship or we can do another run back to back. 

Can we smoke while aboard?
No, Quicksilver is a non-smoking vessel.

Do I need to bring life preservers for my kids?
No Quicksilver is equipped with PFDs for everyone. You may want to bring your own more comfortable PFDs.

I see on my bill my trip from Lincolnville was more than $120 dollars, what’s up with that?
If you keep Quicksilkver waiting on the dock for longer than 15 minutes you will be charged. Please see our Price List page for more info.